Monday, July 6, 2009

Writing in from Texas:

Good afternoon friends in Arizona! It's 4:09 here, and 2:09 there. I've been doing so much stuff! I've been here 4 days and I'm completely exhausted! only.... 6 days left... woohoo.. I'm extremely homesick. :[

Well, I've been taking a ton of pictures! I don't know how well they'll turn out though, because I'm using the camera Jess gave me, and I haven't gotten any developed yet.. So I don't know if I'm using it right. I really hope they turn out okay. But I took a ton of pictures at Sea World and can't wait to get them developed!

Sometime this week, we get to go to the beach at night and have a BBQ in the sand and stuff. It'll be fun. I'm hoping we'll go to the beach more than once though.. definitely during the day.. lol.

Well... Joy, my sister, keeps teasing me and saying "Oh Nic, I miss you SOOO much and I wish you were here" whenever I'm texting him. It's rather annoying, but so true.. I miss him a lot. :[
He went to California yesterday.. so now we're about 1500 miles apart. It sucks. lol. I can't wait for the day when I can actually travel places with him. We've made it a goal, for when he gets back from his mission and we're married, to move to California. Shh.. don't tell my mom. :P lol. She'd be heartbroken.. but at least they'd have a place to stay in Cali if they ever visited. :P
Haha. But it's time for me to go now.. Todd's (Joy's fiance) son wants to get on the computer. Goodbye for now.

--Sending love to my friends from texas. I miss and love you all!!!!!


  1. Love you sarah!!! can't wait for you to come back :)Have fun at the beach for me!

  2. thanks haley!! i can't wait either!! :D