Sunday, July 12, 2009

8 hours and I'll be home. :]

This week has been an emotional roller coaster! I've had bad dreams like every night, a couple nights ago in my dream, I was running away from a man that was chasing me and I got on a bus and the bus was hit by something right on my side and everyone was knocked out and I woke up and was bleeding really bad and I got out of the bus and tried to get help. I don't know. It was scary.

And last night I had a weird but scary dream. I had this like.. book thing and if you did what the book said, then the monster/ghost things wouldn't kill you. I had to pass the book along after you'd finish it. It was kind of like The Ring. But I'd passed it on to my cousin, Crystal, thinking she'd enjoy it because she's "gothic" or whatever and would've enjoyed something like that. She ended up going missing because the monsters in the book were telling her to do all these things, so I'd gone looking for her even though like all of my family was dying for some reason. I don't know.. It was really scary. I'd found her dying in the desert though and I had to save her. Ugh.

Anyways! lol. Well, I'm going home tonight!! our plan leaves at like.. 6-ish here I think and we'll land at 6-ish there. lol. I can't wait! I miss my mom and dad! Not only do I get to see my parents though, I get to see Nic and his parents! They're going to the airport too!! Hehe. :D

As for the roller coaster.. I argued with my mom, argued with Nic, been homesick, been for real sick, been all happy, been sad. Last night I almost threw up a bit. Made a few new goals. I don't know how the 101 goals thing is going... I get to mark of "Visiting Joy" though. :]
But I think for the soda goal.. I've had more than my share of soda for the whole time for the goal list.. I said I would have one soda a month.. I swear I've had like 50 here.. Not that I wanted to drink it.. That's just pretty much all they've had at the house. I tried getting water at restaurants though. And I've had so many new foods though.. lol.

ANYWAYS! again.. lol. I'll stop talking now. All I should have really said is that "I'M EXCITED TO BE HOME!!!!!!!!!!" :]

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