Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some things I've learned and love:

-When Nic gets tired and has had a long day, he has "nap time" Just like a little kid, he comes home, eats then sleeps.
-Some stories about Nic, but he would be embarrassed if I shared them on here. Haha. But I think it's cute.
-I've been thinking more about how awesome Nic's family is and how accepting they are. It makes me realize what a great addition to my life they'll be.
-Nic's mom is funny and very talkative and loves to tell me Nic's life-story. She's even told me stories about their whole family's lives and stuff. It's really cool hearing all this, because they're so different from my family. It's fun.
-I know how to have fun... I just have to relax and it'll all be fun.
-I'm so grateful for my relationship with God. Even though I suck at life sometimes (a lot of the time), He's always there for me, rooting me on. If I just live with goals that are in line with His plan, then I'm happier and everything falls into place. Part of that plan is obedience to parents... I've been feeling that's such a HUGE blessing. When I am being an obedient child, it keeps me safe and it helps my parents to relax and not be as worried.
-Living by the rules really is freedom.
-My friends are HILARIOUS! They really know how to have fun. They come up with so many creative and exciting things each day.. That includes playing Monopoly, Battleship, etc. Monopoly doesn't sound that exciting, but when you play it with my friends, it's the best times you could ever have. I didn't get to play it with them yesterday though. But today we started making a video. We've decided to document our summer. It's awesome. :]

To put it simply, this summer is one of the best summers I've ever had, and it's only in like, week 2 and it's bound to get better.

Well, I promised more pictures so here they are:

p.s. I made a fan page for facebook for my photography. It's Photography by Sarah Elizabeth. At first it was Sarah Elizabeth Photography, but there was another fan page that was that. I also couldn't find it after I'd created it with that name because I forgot to publish it before I left the page.. haha.


  1. Your pictures turned out super cute and I had tons of fun!

  2. Lol. Thanks Jo! I had so much fun too!! Haha. I'm still like, giddy thinking about how fun it was. :]