Saturday, May 2, 2009

what a day

Hello blog!
So I have to say... I'm having a fabulous day so far!! And it's only 9am!!
Tonight is prom!!!!!!! And last night I got to have our prom pictures taken with Nic! His sister, Jess, took them!!!
We had so much fun! We got to do a "Cinderella shot" where I wore gloves and a tiara, and I left a shoe behind for Nic to hold and I was "running" down some stairs! It was so fun! From what I saw of a couple of the pictures on her camera, they look SO great! I will definitely post some when we get them! Then afte
r the pictures we went to Buca di Beppo's and eat some yummy Italiano food. Haha. :]

And this morning........!!!!!!!!!
OH MY GOSH! I got to go do a photoshoot with Jo Alldredge, who is my all-time hero. Really. She said I could invite some friends to go take pictures (at 6am). I couldn't really find anyone who would be willing to go that early, until I remember that Tialene offered to be a model sometime. So she was excited to go in the morning! It was SO awesome. I got to use Jo's older camera, the Cannon 30D, which is basically the best camera I've used yet. Haha. It was amazing, and I can't believe how much of a difference it is. I though it would feel just like using a normal camera, except better pictures.. but I liked the "thrill" of it. As Jo said, I am "shutter happy" hahaha. :]
I will also definitely post the pictures from this morning, which there's also some of me because Jo took both mine and Tialene's pictures.

Well, my dad still isn't letting me go to the day activity, but I don't mind. Nic said he wouldn't go anyways though because he said it would be awkward without me. Which made me feel good. haha. :]
It's nice to know that he likes to have me with him. :]

Well, I don't have much to say, but I do have some pictures to post from Easter. They were taken at the temple after Easter Morningside. So enjoy. haha. :]


  1. Sarah i love the picture of you and nick peeking around the corner! I love how if you look close at the building you can see a reflection of you and nick! : ) I love the way you photograph. And if you ever need someone else to help tilene? tylene? i don't know how to spell her name : ( but i am always willing to help you be a model for your pictures if u need : )keep up the good work Sarah!!!!!

    -Makenna Moffat

  2. haha. thanks makenna! i'll see if jo will need more models next time! and i'll let you know! :]
    haha. but yes, i like that picture too. haha. it's my favorite. :] thanks girly! :D