Saturday, May 16, 2009

Working Builds Character

Not kidding, I have been working pretty much all day minus a few hours.

Last night I went to my cousin Jessica's house to spend the night. First she gave me some clothes that didn't fit her anymore (all of them were pretty much new!). Then we went to her brother's/my brother's appartment and went swimming. Then we went back to her house and got ready for bed--midnight--woke up 3 & 1/2 hours later to get ready to go to Coolidge and work on a church welfare farm and pull weeds. Then we got back and ate breakfast at about 9am I think. Once I got home (about 10am) I got to work on cleaning up my puppy's mess in the yard so my dad & brothers could mow the lawn. Mind you, my "sweet, little, angelic" dog is a beagle... and tends to chew on EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! It took me about 3 hours to clean up all of the mess (I did it in parts, because I would get distracted by another mess in the yard). I started putting all of the junk in the junk trailor that will hopefully be going to the dump next Saturday. I also started cleaning up the porch a bit.

I made a summer goal. That goal is to clean the backyard and get good grass growing and keep Mo (Mozart as his full name) from chewing up everything and to hopefully, with my parents and little brother's help, just get the yard ready for summer parties with my friends. :]
Part of that goal is also to get real grass growing in the front yard and pull the weeds and stuff. I also want to replant a garden. It will be awesome. So that's why I spent so long cleaning the yard.

Some exciting news:
I am so excited!!!!! They turned out SO great! She will always be my favorite photographer ever!
--I cleaned my room for once!!! It looks so nice! I love how clean it is.
--I got a yearbook this year! I didn't get one last year. :/ But this year, there's a play-by-play of one of my dives!!! (along with a ton of quotes and pictures spread across different pages. It was really cool. :]
--Kino opened their new pool.. BUT.. I'm still choosing to go to Carson for summer diving (stealing Rusty's idea) so I won't have to get used to the boards again. I'm so excited for diving. I miss the boards and the thrill. :P
Except Richard isn't our coach anymore!!!! I'm nervous to get a new coach. :/

Something inspirational:
Working really does build character.. It made me realize that I am a hard worker, and I like to do things to "perfection". I wanted to keep working at the farm, but Kyle, Jess, and Drew all wanted to go. But one of the cute little old men who owned the farm, while I was working, said "Look at that little lady, she's working her heart out." It made me feel good about myself, that someone else recognizes my hard work.
--I took a mental health day with my mom yesterday. I decided it wasn't that much of a mental health day.. I still felt stressed the whole day. I guess you have to have the right mind for a day like that. I obviously wasn't prepared to get rid of all the stress for a day. Except my mom and I did have a "smile factor" and it was about a 8/9 for the majority of the day. My mom is my best girl-friend. Of course, Nic is my best guy friend. It's not right to determine out of the 2 which is my best general best friend.. Haha. Because they're both SO close to my heart in different ways.
--I've been reading my old friend's blog.. and some of it was about how she and her boyfriend broke up.. but they expected to marry eachother.. and be together forever. Nic and I expect the same things.. but I don't ever believe it will end. God has allowed us to be put through some tests that most people can't overcome, yet, we've overcome them. I think that was His way of showing us that we can get through things together, as long as we trust in God. Our faith is even more steady in Him and Christ's Atonement... What a great thing the Atonement is.. I am so grateful for it.
You know how there's always those cute stories where the couple were "high school sweathearts"? I believe that's how Nic and I will be. I KNOW we can make our relationship last forever as long as we always keep God in our hearts and keep our standards high for eachother, and not give into temptations. :]

I am just really happy right now, if you can't tell.
Well, I wish I had pictures to post today, but alas, I do not. For I forgot my camera last night when I went to Jessica's house. I should really be on the ball with taking pictures of exciting events.. but of course, I WISH I HAD A GOOD CAMERA so then I would actually feel like my pictures were at least better quality. You know?
ANYWAYS... It is time for me to go. I need to sweep and mop the floors for my mother in order to be able to wear the new skirt she bought for me yesterday. Haha. Such odd requests she has. :] I also think I have rambled and bothered everyone long enough. :]

Goodbye, blog.


  1. AHHH!!! I feel so loved!!! :) Thanks! I can't wait for you to get your camera. Recommendation #1 get just a camera body (not a kit) and buy a good lens to go with it. Your picture quality will be more determined by your lens and not your camera. I'm so excited that you are saving up!

  2. Thanks! I will definitely do that. Yikes. Might take a little longer to save up for the good lens. What lens do you suggest? :]