Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm "$40-something" closer...

I have the sweetest boyfriend in the world.

Originally he was planning on paying to get my (my dad's) vintage guitar fixed, and I was going to sell it because apparently it's worth a lot.. So I would've sold it to pay for my new camera that I want... BUT I told my mom about him doing that for me.. and she said that the money would probably go to pay bills and stuff. :/

So Nic was asking me which I'd rather have, my guitar, or my camera... I chose the camera, hands down. So he's going to help me get that. At least.. that's what I got out of the conversation. haha. He is still so sweet to even offer! Really!

This is the guitar that was going to be fixed up though. It's really a great guitar.. Bu
t for some reason, the model isn't even recognized by the company.. I was trying to figure out how much it'd be worth.. But we can't find it anywhere.. It's weird..

So far, what I have saved up (which isn't much.. but it's something) is like $40-something. I'm supposed to be getting the rest of the money for 2 guitars I sold to some of my family (which will be $90 I'll be getting). And I'm looking for a job for the summer.. I'm hoping by the end of the summer I'll have enough to buy my camera.. Which I've decided will be a Canon 50D like so:

And here are some sample pictures from it, pictures credited to awesome people from Flickr:

Man.. I could kill for a Pazookie right now. If you don't know what that is, it's like a cookie that's not cooked ALL the way, with ice cream on top. it's SOOOOOOO good!

We're celebrating Dad's Merry Unbirthday tonight. haha. His birthday is actually this Saturday, but my mom is planning on "kidnapping" him and she's taking him to a cabin in Payson. She's going to let him go fishing a lot. They'll be there from Friday to Monday. PARTY ALL WEEKEND! lol. Jk. It's tempting.. but I don't want to do anything stupid to get myself in trouble again. I'm sick of being grounded.

Oh. and Friday night, even though school is out, our choir is getting together and singing the national anthem for the Diamondback's game. So we get to see the game for free. And we're going to ride the Light Rail there. I'm excited. And earlier in the day we're going to have a pool party at Harris' house! It'll be awesome.. and I will laugh at the only.. what.. 3 girls in bikinis.. because the rest of our choir are good mormon kids. haha. But it will be fun.

One more update: I JUST FOUND OUT THAT I GET TO GO ON A DATE WITH NIC ON THURSDAY! I'm really excited for that. We haven't gone on a real date in a couple months because I've been grounded and stuff. So it will be fun. :]

Time to go help with dinner.
Adios blog.

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