Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm definitely freaking out about the future.

Recently I've talked to the Academy of Art University.. and I was feeling great about it.. until I heard the cost of their program. Holy cow. It was $2200 per class per semester.. Idiotic, right? Stupid private schools. So my mom was like, "Why don't you go to BYU Idaho?" So I did some research on that. It sounds pretty good and a fair price too. Then I started looking at just BYU Utah, and I like that possibility even more because I have more family in Utah and it's closer to Arizona. It'll be more expensive, but it'd be worth it. And they have a photography program, which is the most important to me.

I'm really nervous for everything. I'm always afraid I'm not going to do the right thing...
I guess I haven't been praying hard enough though.. because maybe if I did, then I'd get more prominent answers on what is the right thing. I keep saying in my mind.. that I will pray harder and more sincerely. and EVERY morning and EVERY night. I say my prayers at night most of the time, but I know I need to say them EVERY night. but in the morning....? I just completely forget.. which is really sad to say because how can I forget God? Ugh.

This weekend has been hard. Frustrating, terrifying, nerve-wrecking, tiring... everything. I hope I can talk to Nic... I really need his comfort. But watch... he'll be busy... I always manage to call him at bad times. :/
I also can't wait to just get to sleep!
Good night world.

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