Thursday, April 21, 2011

missing my life. if found, please contact me.

Since starting my job, I have had time for nothing.
I work from 2-10:30pm, go to bed around midnight, wake up around 9am, do laundry, help people do this or that, run errands that usually consist of getting my dinner for work. Then do the same thing all over again.
Don't get me wrong, having money is nice, but I rather dislike my job. I won't explain why because there's a probability that someone from work will read this. Let's just say.... "it's the hours.."

I don't have time for photography.. Which is really frustrating. I "quit" {sort of} my other jobs so I'd have more time for photography.. And this job was for the sole purpose of saving up for new equipment. I've been working there 2 months, and not one paycheck has gone towards equipment.


Anyways. My whole reason for writing today was:

1. I don't have work today. Because of the abuse of power. {I'll leave it at that.}

2. I had to let everyone know I'm not dead, although sometimes I'd like to be.. {totally kidding}!

I am alive, but not living.


Some things as of late:

I got an iPhone.

I might be getting a Mac desktop sooner than I thought. {goodbye to this sucker of a computer!}

I paid my tithing for the first time since last May... I'm pathetic, I know.. :/

The vintage photoshoot I've been planning for a couple months is this Saturday. And this time it's really happening because I'm actually ready for it.

I'm shooting a wedding tomorrow! Rentals will be here in, at most, 2 hours! {squee! [haven't used that word in a long time]} 35mm of 1.4 goodness.. If only you were permanently mine...

I'm going to Globe on Saturday with my darling dearest Nicholas for his family's Easter Picnic. <3

And my favorite of all...

I am going to Disneyland for the first time in my life!!
Countdown: 8 days.

I'm going with my lovely best friend Justine and new friend Brittany.
I love those girls. It will be a blast!
Leaving just after work on Friday, driving all night, going to the beach early morning, heading to Disneyland, park hopper tickets {CA Adventure here I come!}, then driving home at midnight that night to be home in time for church Sunday morning.
Are we crazy? Hmm.. Yes, actually we are. :]

All three of us recently went to the zoo:

Yes. We brought happy birthday balloons to the zoo, but they wouldn't let us take them in.

So happy the lovely people of Starbucks like to play along.

I had more pictures to share, but my computer is currently {always} being a pain in the rear end.


So remember, I'm not dead.
I just have a crazy life right now and I'm trying my best to sort it out with the little time I have.

But for now, on my day off, I'm going to go get some new knobbies for my little secretary desk, and I'm going to paint my desk white. Also paint some of the cute little things for our photoshoot this Saturday.

Au Revoir!

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  1. It's really sad that I have to keep up with my daughter by reading her posts. I love you and miss you so much. I'm so excited to be home this summer and get to see you a little more often. Maybe we can go walking and spend some mommy/daughter time together.