Saturday, January 31, 2009

in honor of the last day of january

i've been messing with photoshop.

i decided i'm really good at figuring things out for myself, without anyone to show me.
well, okay. i have a LITTLE bit of help from like, tutorials. but once i understand the concept, i get it quickly, and i go off from there. :]

that's how i taught myself the guitar and piano.
and how to use photoshop.

today's tid-bits:
it was really good. except the crying part.. i've found that cleaning is a good stress reliever. i deep cleaned the stove and the pots-n-pans cupboard, and the cooking bowl cupboard and the lid drawers. it was theraputic.
i've been depressed lately. because my boyfriend is being (don't get me wrong, i love him to death, and i think he's the most amazing person ever!) a jerk.
i've felt ignored and like.. put aside for the past week and a half or so.
i don't know. it sucks. i've cried a couple times a day for the past week. about.

i love the song "you don't know me" by ben folds, feat. regina spektor. it's amazing!!!!!!!! (it's in my playlist)
and the music video is GREAT! but it says a couple bad words. but at the moment, i don't care.

alright. here's an example of stuff i've been learning on photoshop:

p.s. i made the layout on here with photoshop too. and the playlist background. yeah. i'm amazing, i know! :P lol. jk.


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