Tuesday, March 23, 2010

34 hours

choir trip countdown:
34 hours. that's about a day and a half, people.

the awesome thing about it:
the beach trip is actually planned so i will come prepared with a pair of modest board shorts and a tank.
yes... i said wewt.
last year i had to purchase some shorts and a tank top because the beach was a surprise from the.harris...
and i was in warm clothes.
(and might i say the shorts and shirt were slightly less than modest because i couldn't find anything very cheap that was modest. i ended up spending $30 on something i could get here in ariz. for less than $10)
i felt like a ho.
okay.. maybe ho is a little extreme..

another awesome thing:
i'm going to do part of haley's senior pictures at the beach.
i'm uber excited.
the lovely haley.stew examples of last year's trip:

and here's just more from last year:

the end.

can't wait for more awesome pictures for this year
because i will have my oh so wonderful
canon 50D
still craving a 5D mark I/II

Friday, March 19, 2010

isn't there a rule for that?

little kids should stay off of facebook.
they better be at least 14.
these little ones are a nuisance when they IM you.

they type like this:

hyyyyyeeee im boreed
i mean bored
i mean lol
wut r u doin
r u boreeed
i mean bore
i mean i mean bored

they repeat themselves, they don't use puntuation, AND they can't spell.

it's also unsafe because they let out the most personal info for creepers to get.
parents, don't let your non-14 and older kids have facebook.
they're irresponsible.
{no offense children}


random picture time:
please don't steal this. i took it whilst on Kade's photoshoot.
i love colorful blossoms.. anyone know what kind this is?
it doesn't look like cherry blossoms or apple blossoms..
look how cute my man is. this was his senior night basketball game:
okay wait... don't check out his hotness..
check out his hairy armpits and sweaty face. yummy.
don't think he's cute now, do ya?
just kidding. he's always handsome to me. :]

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

california, here we come

so it's furr.sure.
i'm spending my summer about 10 min. from the beach
hanging out with 3 awesome babies and my future sister-in-law [never said that before. it feels good to say it because i adore jess. :D ]
it. will. be. awe. some.
i can't wait.
it will be triple.the.excitement
if i can find me a car and do some photoshoots while i'm there.

the sad part is possibly missing the family reunion?
hopefully i won't have to
maybe sean (the future brother-in-law) will be home those days.
but we'll see when the time comes closer.
because it'd be fun to go.
especially if the rents let monsieur N go.
oh please, oh please.

so i'm in a happy mood.


choir trip countdown:
1 week, 14 hours.
that's my squealy face of happiness.
one week and it will be something like this:


2 more days of editing and relaxing then another photoshoot or two on saturday.
feels good to not be stressing.

spring break is half.way over.
sigh. can school be over already?
just end it right now and i'll be very happy.

i live in countdowns.

i've been thinking about monsieur N going on his mission a lot lately..

i have a friend named chandler who's mister, jason, [i did pictures for them recently. previews on the photo.blog tomorrow] is leaving tomorrow.
it seems like it's so hard for her.
and it's making me dread the day when monsieur N leaves.
i keep telling myself "oh 2 years is a synch, no problemo."
let's face it, sarah, you're lying to yourself.

it will be so hard.
i'm almost crying thinking about it.
i know the day he leaves it'll be "see you in 2 years. {sobs}"
more sobs.
choking on my own tears.



so not ready.
i have a hard time going through weekends without seeing him
i KNOW the wait will be so worth it.
just super scared.


the transition to adulthood is so much different than the change of hair color.


it'll be a lot of HUGE changes.
changes i'm not ready for.
i've already gone over through these before,
but i'm listing them again because lists makes me feel better:

1. college away from home, possibly cali before.
2. having to pay for my own stuff (housing, food, gas, etc)
3. becoming a real adult, 18.
4. nic leaving on his mission.
5. just being totally insecure and unsure of what's going to happen.
{high school is so predictable. but i don't even know what to expect on my own}

2 &1/2 months till sunshine..
and hopefully the beach.
but 5 months until insecurity,
8 months till full mental breakdown.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

butterfly fly away

"need to cry. need to escape; escape the suffocating society around me and search myself and fill this hole that's in my heart. i need to escape the pain i feel. the drowning emptyness. i need to get away. spend a while somewhere foreign where i can be who i want to be. without pressure. without worry."
-quoting myself.

thinking of making a song based on that.

honestly, i'm scared to death.
scared of the HUGE changes..
i might be spending the summer in california.
i'm really excited and hope it works out...
but then i started thinking about the huge changes that will come.
it'll be the first time not living with my family.
my family is kind of crazy and annoying sometimes..
but they bring me a lot of happiness and support too.

whether it be going to cali first or just going to college,
either way i will miss my support here.
and i will miss monsieur N terribly. sure, i'll still see him.
just not as much as i'd like.
it'll be good for us though at the same time.

i still won't like it very much.. but oh well..


onto a less stressing octave
1. i had my senior pictures done last friday with jo.
here's some favorites:
and i have many many more favorites. i don't know how i'll choose for my announcements.

2. my sister is coming to for 2 weeks from texas!!
she's coming tomorrow with baby Sage [how precious is he?]

3. i have lots of photoshoots to do this weekend and next week.
i'm so excited.

4. tomorrow night is the arizona bridal warehouse modest prom dress fashion show.
it will be so fun! not wearing a fancy dress for it,
but here's my prom dress that i get at the end:
i know my hair is sick.nast but it does it's job.
i love my dress though. perfect.fit
[and no, i'm not ruining the surprise because monsieur N has already seen it and it's not like it's our wedding day so i don't care, and besides, he suggested the blue, and i LOVE it.]


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

deal or no deal?

check the photo.blog
there will be more pictures to make an appearance on it later.


i'm in a pretty cruddy mood.
i feel like crying.
all because he forgot about our deal.
{so my answer is "no deal"}
kind of thoroughly upset.
and because i don't feel good.
i have a fever and i almost threw up a few times this evening.

i'm whiny...
and i don't particularly care.

at least a stranger made me feel somewhat better.
she gave me an awesome and really super nice compliment about my photography.
thank you to T.Z. for your wonderful uplifting comments.
you made my heart sing.


monsieur N and i came up with a new way to say "piece of crap"
it will now be "piece of chevy"
because chevy's suck.
as i've been experiencing often with our
"piece of chevy" suburban.
i hate that thing.
i'm a ford lover.
and have been for a longtime.

off to shower.
then to bed.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

wishes are for empty hearted, broken souls

that must be me.. because i wish i can win this giveaway:

and i wish i could buy one of their camera bags.. right this instant..
sigh.. this camera bag will be on my "equipment list" in the future:
{you can't see it very well. but go HERE to see it better.
that or the blue one. love them!}

and i wish i could write more.. but alas,
this girl has to go study for an econ test (even though i'll ace it without a problem. the subject comes easily for me) and hit the hay.

today was wonderful
and i am very very very blessed.
i owe everything to my Heavenly Father.