Sunday, February 28, 2010

senior.picture outfits, final pick

decided on jeans for both outfits. i didn't want to buy new shorts, and i didn't want to cut up my other jeans. the shirt is sapphire. it was too simple so i decided to add the vest to spruce it up a bit.

stuck with a white shirt and belt & coral colored jewelry. stuck with the hat. added jeans and brown heels, the jeans were too long for flats.

and i wanted to use my cute headband i made, so i threw in this outfit. and i love my scarf. :]
but instead of the jeans i'll wear khaki shorts. with dark brown flats.

i'm really excited to have my pictures done with Jo. love her and i owe her tons for squeezing me in her busy schedule. THANK YOU JO! you're the best! :]

i can't wait. possibly even getting out of choir for it. weee!

sabbath days are my favorite days.
that and fridays.. and saturdays.
i basically just love weekends.

finishing my scholarship app for EAC in a minute.
hope i get a full tuition scho.ship.. then federal aid will help cover living costs and supplies..
not for long though. :/
meh. getting close-ish to finishing my online class.
can't wait to be done with the class from {HECK}
history kicks my butt.

by the way.. i dropped french..
i am such a rebel.
it's nice not having a 6th hour.
and getting to party in bro. sell's classroom.
we have some hard.core parties, let me tell you...
okay. not really..

choir trip count down:
25 days.
 excitement level:



Thursday, February 25, 2010

waiter haters

to the people that think i'll get married while monsieur N is on his mission:
you tell me i won't wait for him...
that just gives me more incentive to prove you all wrong.
so stop lecturing me and giving me stupid statistics..
because i'm getting bored and annoyed with it.
and i know you're all wrong.
you don't know monsieur N and i
and how we feel and what we think.

i know in 3 years, there will be wedding invitations being sent out with
the names:
sarah elizabeth love
nicholas dale waggoner

so just keep quiet
please and thanks.


Sunday, February 21, 2010


trying to decide on my 2 outfits for senior pictures.
i need consultation.
i'm digging these for a casual look:

(everything minus the shoes is $80 from the exact stores i found them..)

then for the other outfit:

not sure which colors i like best. but the silver wedges would be easiest to get.
although i'd die for some killer bronze flats.
but i think with the fedora, the silver would look better.
(this outfit alone costs $88 without tax... yikes)

total cost of outfits... $168.. without tax..
definitely looking for cheap look alikes. only things i plan on buying at normal price..
silver shoes and hats. and the necklace.
which will be $52... crap.. still too much.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Down to the last thought in my head

title is from Zee Avi's song Darling it Ain't Easy
find it here

here's my some tidbits of my favorite music

1. Feist
1234 is my favorite song.

2. Jaymay

3. Koop
ahh for the love of 40/50's sounding lounge.ish music.
listen to Vuelvo Al Sur.
(are they gay? they look like it.. not to judge, but one of their album covers is a little odd)

4. Kate Nash
i've had her music for a while, but thought I'd include it because it's fantastic...
i love Merry Happy and We Get On.

5. Madeleine Peyroux
anything by her.. sigh.. seriously the style is classical beauty.
Instead is a good song

6. Katie Herzig
seriously. SO cute. favorites include Sweeter Than This and Fools Gold.
how gorgeous is she?

7. Melody Gardot
lovely. If The Stars Were Mine

8. Gregory and the Hawk
also knew this band a while ago. but have been listening to their new music.

9. Teitur
another old friend. seriously. listen to him. One and Only is awe.lish. if you know what movie it's on, i will love you forever. i found this musical genius from this movie...

10. The Scene Aesthetic
once again, known for a long time, thanks to my brother andrew.

11. Vermillion Lies
they're different.
i like it.

12. Zee Avi
thank you haley.stew.
graces to you my dear friend
(by the way.. we need to go to EA. and freaking hang out sometime..
maybe if i actually talk to you in real life again someday. :P )

13. Mirah
Pollen is a de.lish song.
also Nobody Has to Stay

14. Demi Lovato
she's adorable. don't like how she wears bright red lipstick all the time.. makes he look like she has a larger mouth than she already does. but i still think she's freaking wonderful. and very beautiful.
love the song Catch Me

15. Priscilla Ahn
again, thank you haley.stew
i find many favorites through you.

16. Iron & Wine
Sunset Soon Forgotten
beautiful guitar

that's just a glimpse into my new found and not so new loves.
i hope monsieur N doesn't get jealous. :P

heffalumps and woozles
so anywhoozles.

want to see my mountain of clothes?
i mean, my bed?

this is the mountain of clothes.. i am not ashamed...

because it turned into this...
isn't my bed just darling?
i admit, it's a "kiddy" bed. but i don't care. it fits me.
no... i don't mean physically. :P
but these past two nights with my new mattresses have been heaven.
my back doesn't hurt as bad now. weeee!

i am a master of deception...

because on the other side of the room is this... bahaha.
lovely huh?
oh yeah, you like the shelves that my daddy built {you can see them in the middle picture}?
i love them.

thanks dad.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

some people....

really don't have time tonight..
but i have to say....


some people....
make my brain hurt...
some people....
make my stomach hurt...
some people....
just have the audacity to... ...
some people....
just frustrate me so much.

no i am not speaking of family this time..
that is all.

i want to say what's on my mind.. but won't for fear of offending anyone..
i don't want anyone to be hurt on my account.

i have the best dad in the world.
really. he surprised me yesterday with new mattresses.
i was only expecting a bed frame to come home from the wonderful world of costco.
he's fantastic.
i've never had new mattresses before.
or my own bed frame bought especially for me.
(i've always had to share a bed or a frame has been passed down
i.e. the ugly, hideous, huge, bulky, squeaky bunk bed that is now nowhere in sight)
{thank goodness}
i will post pictures of the new lovely, delicate, sweet, adorable bed frame tomorrow, and blog about the fun.lish (like dee.lish) music i've found.


p.s. i told myself i'd go to bed by 10... it's now 10:25, there's a mountain (literally) of clothes on my bed, waiting to be folded, and my hair is waiting to be braided..
hmmph.. and there would be a cute new logo on the picture..
but my computer had an overload and closed out of all the stuff i was working on.
sad day. so i just need to edit it again. meh.

Monday, February 15, 2010

best v.tine's day ever.

don't have much time to write.
but seriously.. this was the best valentine's day ever.

this morning i went to church with monsieur N and his parents. fun fun.
then went home for a while until i got to go back to his house for dinner.
we had so much fun. we wrestled, played assassins creed, cuddled, and laughed like hyenas. no joke.
it was so fun. we got so slap happy we laughed at everything.
if i snorted, we laughed. if he looked at me funny we laughed..
it got so goofy i don't even want to explain it.
but you know how there's a weak laugh and there's a true laugh?
monsieur N is basically the only person that knows my true laugh.
he's the only person that can make me laugh till i pee my pants.

anyways. we just told each other how much we loved eachother and what not, like every sap is supposed to do on valentine's day. (we are serious saps it's not even funny, even though he likes to act like mr. macho man [okay.. not that often]).

anyway.. i got there at like 4:30.. the time slipped away. next thing i knew, my dad was calling asking me when i was going to be home... it was past 11.. hehe.
time goes by so fast when you're laughing with your best friend.
what he said was so cute.. "it's true.... you really are supposed to marry your best friend.."
with that, expect a wedding invite from us in 3 years. :]

anywho. so i got ready to leave and before i left we took goofy pictures.
here's a few:

we couldn't take any serious pictures. the last one is the only moderately serious one we got.
(excuse the sick.nast hair. due to the wrestling and play fighting my hair was destroyed.
thank you monsieur N)

you know if you have a best girl friend and you spend a whole day with them then at the end you get home and kick off your shoes and sigh thinking "that was loads of fun but i'm SO glad to be home"...
i don't really have a best girl friend and don't spend a lot of time with any other friends..
(i'm a hermit. :]P )
so my best friend is different than that. when i get home i sigh and think "i can't wait to be with him again. i had so much fun and i miss him already."

and honestly, i'm kind of glad i don't have a best girl friend (oh wait. i lied.. my closest girl friend is justine but i never get to see her) girls are just too much drama. and i get annoyed with other girls very {very} easily. and i definitely don't want to hang out with other guys on my free time.. (don't get me wrong, the guy friends are cool and funny.. but they don't give me the same feelings as my man does. so what's the point?) so you see why i'm a hermit? i like it that way.

okay. enough blabbering.

wanna see what i got for monsieur N?
of course you do.
lisa leonard is amazing. i so want a personalized necklace..
it's kind of pricey though.
this little sucker was a bit on the high side too.
but it was worth it.
at the end of the letter on the card i punched 2 holes and tied the keychain to it
to make it look like the signature part.
(i made the card by the way [i hate bought cards] if you're going to give someone a card, make it yourself. it comes from the heart. not from a store for a couple rectangles. holy cheese.nips)

speaking of cheese.nips.
monsieur N has become obsessed with my nerd voice.
you know.. crap S's like Shid the Shloth?
you get the point.
it's funny. he always asks me to do it for him.
love him.
all i have to say for tonight.
sorry for the chattering nonsense.


p.s. i've been getting awesome new music...
HAVE to write a blog about all the fantastic stuff i've found..
next time..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

leaving for utah 5 in the ayy.emm.

we were planning on staying at my aunt's house like an hour north of Provo i believe, but they're expecting snow.. so it'll be impossible to make it up there because they don't plow the roads where she lives.

so... we had to find an alternative place to stay.
after a couple hours of looking for a hotel and getting discouraged
[all of them were packed. darn you ski season!!]
my brother told us about priceline.
best thing ever!
you can bid your own prices?
how cool is that??
so, with that said...
we're staying at the marriot! for some tiny rectangles i must say.
get it?)
we're paying half of what we would have payed at a crap motel.
excited much.

i still have to pack though.
meh. i hate packing.

i used to love it
to the point that i packed a week early.
obviously i've grown out of that phase
and pack the night before and even finish right before i leave.

random thought,
if you like piano/guitar music,
listen to this song 

and if you love pandora AND piano music.
make a station as Yiruma.
it's sensational.

when we're well off and have a somewhat large house,
nic and i will have piano music playing throughout the house
through speakers.
and occassionally when we're feeling crazy or cleaning..
we'll put on other stuff. :]

nic gave me a curfew for my dates with photography..
yeah.. i know he'll be my husband, but he's not my dad.. :P
especially when i love photography... doesn't he wish i didn't have a curfew when it came to going on dates with him?
anywho. i'll post some more pictures on the later. possibly after my return from utah. who knows. but make sure to check it out whenever i do. :]

Monday, February 1, 2010

air force reserves?

i'd rather that than anything else.
monsieur N is thinking about joining the air force reserves.
meh. still don't like the idea of him being in danger at anytime... even though he wants to be a police officer... where he'll be pretty much in danger a lot.

oh well. i don't mind if he does it as long as we're married in the temple first. :P

i'm going through some crazy times right now... life is busy.
so much to do.
i'm sorry i haven't posted ti.po's funeral service pictures.
so here they are:
this was at ti.po's viewing. his closest friends were there to say goodbye.
from left to right is (Bobby, Mr. Snuggles, and Georgiana)

his funeral was the most beautiful thing i'd ever seen. just lovely... *sniff sniff*


aegis.kitty was also there but couldn't bear the thought any longer so she had to excuse herself. also because the stench was horrifying.

honestly.. if you've never smelled a rotting bamboo plant... be grateful. it smelled like a dead, rotting, left in a damp place, animal. gross.

that's besides the point... here lies ti.po. forever more.
goodbye dear friend.

in other depressing and embarrassing news...





more sobs

it's pretty embarrassing to make it your junior year... then not make it your senior year... especially when a sophomore got 11th chair. (if you read my blog, sophy, i am in no way desecrating your wonderful self. i adore you. and congrats. i'm just bitter) meh. :[
yeah. i'm scarred.
literally. i came home and slit my wrists.
just kidding. that's bad. don't ever do that!

wow.. i have so much more to say but am in need of major Z's x a gazillion.


sleep well blog.

p.s. my blog layout and junk is in serious reconstruction..
so please pardon the non.matching.ness